About Us

Neutralab has been dedicated to offering innovative solutions tackling the major issue of malnutrition prevalent across the world. We are at heart a research-oriented organization with a strong combination of capabilities and a large portfolio of tested products. Neutralab manufacturing nutrition company is based in Chhindwara, M.P. The company provides a range of high quality nutritional supplements prepared from best natural resources as a preventive therapy for people who are health conscious under the brand name of “NutraLeaf”.

Nature is rich in products having possibilities of improving quality of human life. Neutralab explores, analyze and produces such products that are miracles from Natural Herbs. These popular products are straight from nature having many health benefits. Based on specific health benefits, these natural and safe ingredients are made available in the form of supplements for simple and easy for consumption.

Our products are right from nutritional supplements & natural extracts. It is high quality supplements. These are manufactured best in class facility using state of the art technology and closely monitored processes. Our manufacturing processes are carefully managed from harvest to formulation to guarantee best quality ever. All products are manufactured under FSSAI license we follow world standards for testing and packaging of these natural supplements. This is in line with our vision of providing safe and quality products to everyone.
Neutralab has mission to introduce latest natural supplements for well-being of men, women, elders, office-goers, children with its ongoing research and development department

We provide reliable and unmatched service to both domestic and international markets and continue to work to find new solutions to the growing demand for holistic nutrition. We manufacture and market scientifically formulated brands across a 360 degree spectrum of illness, wellness, and lifestyle disease management.
Our Micronutrient Premix business focuses on the needs of governments, multinational food manufacturers, and international NGOs to fortify basic foods with the right blend of micronutrients to meet the needs of the masses. With a presence in over 70 countries, our customized products have a worldwide reach. Our customer base is international and appreciates our reliability and personal warmth while providing world-class solutions.
Our flagship brand PENTASURE has been instrumental in touching millions of lives to help improve their nutritional status in all the leading hospitals of the country.